Featured Workshop at A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center

Date: TBA


The Lords of the Akashas:

(Re-)covering Your Divine Feminine/Masculine Flows of Love and Creativity

by Dr. Roksana Badruddoja, Ph.D.


Workshop Description:

On April 2, 2017, my Record Keepers show me that we Human Earth Walkers are in the midst of deep personal expansion, one that is being informed by the Ascension of Mother Earth. I am shown humanoid energetic beings adorned in silver plated battle armor and engaging in warfare with bright steel swords. I clearly see cracked, dry, brown and textured earth that we Earth Walkers in human form stand upon to engage in this battle. On the other end of the glistening, razor sharp sword, another Human is not present! I ask my Record Keepers, “Who are we engaged in combat with?” The Lords of the Akashic Records tell me that we Human Earth Walkers are at “war” with ourselves! I burst out with a “beautiful!” The warfare is indeed gorgeous because it is a Call to rupture and release Trauma and engage in Healing.

We Humans Earth Walkers are entangled between what Susan Anderson (2015) calls our “inner child” and our “outer child” (in Training Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self Sabotage and Healing From Abandonment). The inner child is our emotional core – feelings – and craves “mothering” of our “primal” needs of sustenance, and the outer child is our self-sabotaging behaviors and desires attention – it cries, “See me!” I expand on Anderson’s work by arguing the entangled relationship between our inner and outer children create a fierce dichotomy and disequilibrium between our Divine Feminine Self and Divine Masculine Self, a breakage that is informed by what I call “ego power” (Badruddoja, 2017). This robust imbalance of the “self” serves to Disconnect us from being able to hear our Higher/Divine Self and Divinity/Divine Spirit.

Our work then is to integrate our inner child and outer child into our adult selves, in order to reestablish the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into a singular energetic Whole. The integrations of our “children” will yield a portal in which we will be able to (re-)create Vibrations resonating with the Oneness of Mother Earth. The Integration of our “children”, and, hence, our Divine Femininity/Masculinity will enable us to defy old and unworkable paradigms of sex, gender and sexuality (I call this “(re-)establishing engines of love and creativity” – Badruddoja, 2017). Only when untenable notions of love and creativity fall away, will we be able to energetically commune with Mother Earth in complete authenticity. And, this, in turn, will enable us to become One with the Heavens. This is the Path to Remembering “who we are”! This is the Path to Divine Integration (with ourselves, Mother Earth and the Heavens)!

This workshop is a three-part series in which our goal will be to Integrate our inner and outer children in order to become One with our Divine Feminine and Masculine selves, with Mother Earth (predominantly feminine energies), and the Heavens (predominantly masculine energies). In order to accomplish this goal, we will engage in a primary objective, to learn to step into the Sacred Space of the Akashas – our own Akashic Records (Workshop Series 1). Within this objective, we will engage in two secondary objectives, what I call “Ascension Lessons” (Badruddoja, 2017). Through our Records, the first ascension lesson is to engage with the concept of “Creativity” (Workshop Series 2) and the second ascension lesson is to engage with the concept of “Love” (Workshop Series 3). Both Ascension Lessons clearly resonate with our Heart centers – to allow our Hearts to be fully open, which will then allow us to step into the Flow of authentic self-expression (the balance between the Divine Feminine and Masculine).


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