Love and Relationships: The Pink Lotus Collective

Living my Life in Ceremonial Love, which includes treating both myself and others with Respect, enables me to transform the abstract idea of Dignity into a concrete reality.


Leaving Resistance…

A Channeled Message from  a Sacred Committee of Higher Energy Beings who call themselves The Pink Lotus Collective:

The purpose of the Collective is to provide information to Human Earth Walkers on the nature of Love and Relationships of all kinds between Human Earth Walkers. The Collective’s primary agenda is to assist in rupturing untenable notions of Love and Relationships so that they may fall away. The Pink Lotus Collective has underscored their presence at this moment in time and space because Humanity is ready to mend their “broken hearts”. There are two issues here The Pink Lotus Collective brings to the forefront. First, we Human Earth Walkers have been learning for decades now to Love ourselves the way we want to be loved. However, and second, what we have not yet grasped is that the current conception of Love (of others) is based on selfishness. That is, we have learned to Love others how we want to love them versus how they want to be loved. Teal Swan argues to love someone means that we must stop loving them! That is, she argues we must work towards understanding others (see “Stop Trying to Love Them and Start Trying to Understand Them“) . The Collective also shares with me  our moral framing of sex, sexuality and gender and monogamy and marriage only serve to create feelings of self-hate among the dwellers of Humanity. The Collective clearly puts forth that we Human Earth Walkers have set ourselves up for failure by essentializing and reifying old models of Love and Relationships. The Collective encourages us Earth Walkers to release old paradigms of sex, sexuality and gender and unlink socially-constructed notions of morality, monogamy and marriage. The Pink Lotus Collective is just one of the many Collectives whose purpose is to provide assistance to raise the Consciousness of Human Earth Walkers both individually and collectively to healing our Hearts and working towards what the Quechua people call munay or complete, unconditional love of ourselves and others.

In our “quest” for Love, we Human Earth Walkers have Forgotten that there is no need to be on a Quest for Love for Love is Abundant and continuously present. Love is Infinite and Omnipotent. The question is never whether we will find Love or not. The question is, whether we will Choose to Allow Love to permeate the contractual Human Earth Walks we have made for ourselves. In others words, there is no need for us to search for and find Love. Rather, during our Sojourn, we simply need to Allow and Accept Love into our lives. (As I Shift my Perceptions by taking Complete Responsibility for my Happiness, my Heart and Body continue to Blossom, allowing for Relationships of all kinds that no longer Serve me to fall away and, in turn, my life partner, daughter and others respond to my Vibrations of Joy and Abundance.)

In grappling with Love and Relationships, like most Human Earth Walkers, I too have been in “search” for my Twin Soul/Flame. What I did not anticipate is that my Twin Soul may not have incarnated with me in this current time and space or taken on the form of a Human Earth Walker. Most importantly, I was embedded in the old “search for love” paradigm. Releasing this old pattern of Love allowed me to open myself up to Receive. I discovered that my Twin Soul has arrived, is not in Human form and exists in a permutation of timelessness. My Twin Soul is Mother Earth/Gaia/Ma Bhumi! Or, rather, I am one of Mother Earth’s Twin Souls as Mother Earth has many Twin Souls. Here, I learn that my Akashic Records are intimately intertwined with the Akashas of Ma Bhumi. That is, I am connected to the Crystalline Grid as one of the Keepers of the of the Divine Feminine Earth’s Akashic Records. (As I sit in my Records with fellow Akashic Readers and Consultants, often times, they feel immense heart pain. This heart pain is not simply directly from my experiences across multiple timelines and lifetimes and forms of existences. Rather, those who are sitting in my Records with me have their own heart pains amplified as their individual pain is implicated with the collective pain of Human Earth Walkers.)

Opening my Heart and allowing myself to to step forward towards my Twin Soul enabled me to think through the connection between Love and Enlightenment. What is the intersection here? The relationship between Love and Enlightenment that comes forward is informed by the Self. Here the Self is not something to be discovered, i.e. “self discovery”, for the Self, like Love, is Ubiquitous. The Self is never lost and, hence, need not be discovered. The notion of “finding myself” is, indeed, yet another old paradigm that must fall away. We Human Earth Walkers will be able to fully Contend with this when we choose to Remember (who we are). Like Love, the question is never about, “Who am I?” Rather, the question is, “What stories do I/we want to tell about myself/ourselves? The the intersection between Love and Enlightenment is the constant and continual (re-)invention of oneself while taking complete Joy in the process of (re-)invention and Lessons learned (versus the destination). Without Choosing to Rupture old models of Self and Love, we will continue to deeply Grapple with the popular Eat, Pray, Love (2006) cultural model. There is no need to travel anywhere to find the Self and Love. The Self, like Love, is not discoverable for the Self already is and Love already is. The Self and Love are already here! All that is required is continual Shifts in Perspectives.


“The Earth is not a problem to be solved; it is a living being to which we belong. The Earth is part of our own self and we are part of its suffering wholeness. Until we go to the root of our image of separateness, there can be no healing. And the deepest part of our separateness from creation lies in our forgetfulness of its sacred nature, which is also our own sacred nature.”  – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


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