I had the pleasure of being introduced to Roksana by a mutual friend and client of mine. Upon my first conversation with Roksana, I immediately knew that she was coming from a place of LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and EMPATHY, which I believe is what all people need in their lives to be absolutely fulfilled. Upon my first session with her via telephone, I was amazed and astonished at what she read to me in regards to myself. This immediately opened my heart to feel more secure than I had felt prior to this event. There is no doubt that there is more to LIFE than what we observe with only our five senses. It is easy to get caught up back in the material concrete 3D world and lose sight of what connects us all together. Roksana is pleasant, kind and soft-spoken and always gives you the options to choose what you think is best for yourself at that moment. I truly appreciate her and what she has and will continue to do for me in the future. I plan on having her be a part of my life for a long time to come (provided I can get out of my own way from time to time). It’s all about faith and thank you for having faith in me through what is considered the toughest time in my life. – Dr. Joey Amato, Scarsdale, NY

My first Akashic Reading was done by Roksana. This reading was life changing. She immediately captured my attention when she brought up/ revealed a family secret, which needed to be healed. This reading was a blessing because it created space for me to move forward. I hold Roksana with high regards for her gifts, integrity and compassion. – Anonymous

I just wanted to thank you for reading my Akashic Records. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information you were able to give me in 20 minutes. Thank you for verifying who my spirit guide was and setting me on the right path. I just wanted to thank you. – CAYCE Psychic Fair Participant, NYC

After the first reading over the phone I felt a deep sense of peace for about a month. [This is] [u]nusual for me, since my default emotion is that of sadness. However, after the first reading with [Roksana] there was an unexplainable sense of calm & wellness. … [Her] energy is powerful[;] it helps me to realign with my higher self. – Anonymous

Dr. Badruddoja is not only an ace rationalist and an analyst, but also a sharp intuitive-channel. Her predictions and point of views are accurate. I have had the chance of knowing how my love life and career would shape up in the future; these questions were addressed a year ago. Today, when I look at my present, her Readings were absolutely exact! Knowing Time is simultaneous and there is no specific past, present or future, one may like to think that the telling of a fortune or future would be vague. However, when you see it happening in your present and reflect what was being told to you by the channel, you do get to know and reali[s]e that every bit of it made sense. For all Akashic Record queries, I will only consult Roksana. I urge everyone to go through this enriching experience and allow yourself to be healed. Thank you so much, Roksana. Dr. Gaurav Deka, New Delhi, India

I am always impressed by Roksana’s knowledge and compassion. She brings deep perspective and makes me think from different angles. I highly recommend Roksana for an Akashic Reading. – Nauman Mir, Ontario, Canada

Roksana, This is wonderful and soooooo accurate. This is a powerful accurate and beautiful reading. I am honored and blessed by your gift and generosity. – CAYCE Psychic Fair Participant, NYC

The reading was specifically accurate in assessing that my dad is meddling in my life. This has come up in past readings. – Michael Downing, Fresno, CA

Greetings Roksana, Thank you for these most relevant words. Your reading transformed me. I’m still processing. I haven’t felt the same. I have a stronger awareness and sense of reverence for my guides. I’m ecstatic about the blessing of your Gift/Energy exchange. Thank you my Sister! You are no joke! THANK YOU!” –  CAYCE Psychic Fair Participant, NYC

Life is a beautiful journey and becomes a meaningful, magical experience the moment we become interested in our inner existence. For me, questioning the purpose of life began in my thirties. Who am I? What purpose does my life really serve besides what I have been expected to achieve, i.e.: education, success, marriage. The answers to these questions can take a lifetime given our limited perceptions. I have had success in finding some answers with the help of the gifted teachers at the Edgar Cayce Center and lucky for me it is where I found Roksana Badruddoja. Roksana ascertained for me the nature of consciousness that reveals who I am beyond my physical body and how the true essence of my being was designed. As an expression of divine consciousness my prime directive is  to view life through the eyes of the soul and “know Thy self. I highly recommend to all seeking higher knowledge to Explore with Roksana the deeper teachings of truth and accomplish everything you are meant to do. – Infinitely grateful, Peter Vazquez, NYC

I had a powerful Akashic Record session with Roksana. Her connection with the Record Keepers is potent. Every word she conveyed through my [primary] Record Keeper Kali Maa was spot on. Through her connection with various Guides and Energies, she has been able to clearly highlight the issues that govern my life and the inter-connectivity of things. Roksana brings back through her connection and reading, the much-needed resolution for healing the issue and shifting the energies around that. Unlike other healers, she stays with you even after the reading, holding space, encouraging you to understand every aspect of the reading and gently nudges you to go deeper in to what the Record Keepers are showing her. That said, Roksana’s kindness, her considerate loving approach and her impeccability steals the heart! I highly recommend her work to all who seek clarity and healing in some area of their life. Aho! – Neelam Nanwani, Co-Founder of Shamanic Vision, India