Healing Justice Warrior!

Restructure, Reimagine and Redefine Your Reality And How You Operate In It. 

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If you are being called to create a nurturing and nourishing environment for yourself, to connect your physical reality to your spiritual reality, then please take a step towards meeting your Spirit Guides through the Akashic Records and/or Shamanic Journeying!

Heal Racial, Sexual and Gender Traumas, Releasing What No Longer Serves You.

Dr. Roksana Badruddoja is Of Service to Herself/Themself and Others by providing  Healing Justice Sessions through her/their Conscious Business Dreams of Munay. She/they is a Cross-Cultural and Inter-Faith Urban Akashic and Shamanic Counselor and a Flower Essence Practitioner. As a Critical Race Theorist and Gender Scholar, Dr. Badruddoja focuses her/their attention on healing racial, sexual and gender traumas. In addition, as a mother and survivor of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), a life-threatening pregnancy related trauma, Dr. Badruddoja centers her/their work around motherwork, pregnancy and birth traumas, including HG sufferers and survivors and experiences of HG-related therapeutic terminations.

She/they engages in Healing Justice work through Akashic Readings, Akashic Counseling, Shamanic Journeying, Healing Life Coaching and Akashic Training. Life inquires include: Relationships; Personal Growth; Career; Emotional and Physical Well-Being; and Motherwork, Motherhood and Mothering.

Crack Open New Paradigms and Rewrite How You Choose to Communicate Your Light. And, Manifest New, Wise Life Choices.   

Through the Akashic and Shamanic realms, restore and integrate sacred space into your everyday life; work to release limiting beliefs and heart blocks to strengthen yourself; cultivate grace and gratitude by connecting with your divine guidance and support; and, connect into the universal feminine and masculine forces of love, creativity and manifestation.

 Decolonize! Rupture Oppression, Marginalization and Invisibility: 

Heal from Toxic Whiteness, Heal from Patriarchy, Heal from Predatory Corporate Capitalism, Heal from Heteronormativity, Heal from Ableism, Heal from Adultism, Heal from Body Shaming and Register and Integrate a Vibration of Complete Self Love.

Dr. Badruddoja has been called to assist those who wish to expand their consciousness in order to make clear and aware life choices, to co-create with the Universal Flow of Life.


WHAT ARE THE AKASHAS?: “Why We Are Born” by Akemi G. and “The Book of Life” by Edgar Cayce

WHAT IS SHAMANISM?: “The Power of Shamanism to Heal Emotional and Physical Illness” by Sandra Ingerman


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Dr. Badruddoja is now appearing at the monthly CAYCE Psychic Fairs at A.R.E. of  New York Edgar Cayce Center

153 West 27th Street, #702 | N.Y.C. | 212-691-7690.  

May you bring forth your Higher Self/your Divine Sacred Feminine and Masculine from within your life. May you accomplish your own human and non-human revolutions. May you transform your destiny and karma. May you fulfill your wishes in the past, present, and future across all your life times and timelines. And so it is, Aho!