Trauma Healing Therapy 


What do we do during life’s dark and scary times? How do we survive in the midst of cavernous terror and soul-ripping trauma?


Dr. Roksana Badruddoja is an urban shamanic and akashic practitioner focusing her/their attention on racial, sexual, gender and reproductive trauma healing. As a scientist, educator and spiritual practitioner, she/they develops techniques and tools to regularly access the noetic space in order to live our lives with “truth” and clarity. Dr. Badruddoja draws on the ancestral gifts of cross-cultural and interfaith shamanic practices and the akashic realms to offer an alternative to traditional talk therapy for trauma healing, individual growth and personal resolutions. She/they translates indigenous wisdom and teachings of the ancients into modern womanist, social scientific and therapeutic idiom. Dr. Badruddoja works with a sense of painful urgency fueled by a ferocious and unwavering commitment to trauma healing. She/the offers the broken hearted a pathway to better conceptualize and practice grief and how to walk through trauma with honor, dignity, subjectivity and reclamation. She/they thinks deeply, everyday, about how vulnerability is imagined, the practices of solidarity and what it means to be of service to the marginalized. 


Heal Racial, Sexual, Gender and Reproductive Traumas.

Release What No Longer Serves You and Manifest Clear, Aware Life Choices. 

Crack Open New Paradigms and Rewrite How You Communicate Your Light.

Decolonize! Rupture Oppression, Marginalization and Invisibility.

Restructure, reimagine and redefine your reality and how you operate in it!


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